Fluid technology

Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialised items and engineering solutions.

Equipment, systems and services are aimed to help clients optimise the performance of their processes. Alfa Laval offers solutions in heating, cooling, separation and the transportation of various goods, such as oil, water, chemicals, drinks, food items, starch and media in the pharmaceutical industry.  

An adequate temperature control system and an efficient cleaning of process fluids have a huge influence on production costs. Together with Alfa Laval, VRD Dankon possesses an extensive knowledge regarding these processes, and helps you with the efficient management of process fluids, such as compressor oil, cooling agents, cutting oil, hydraulic cooling oils, oils for quenching, rolling, sintering, etc.

We offer advice on choosing the exact system to match your requirements, technical support and sales, advice at the start-up, spare parts for different items, such as heat exchangers, separation systems, cleaning modules and air coolers. We provide all this to enable your production to run as efficiently as possible and without any glitches.

Brazed plate heat exchangers – BHE

Alfa Laval gasketed plate heat exchangers are designed to operate within a pressure range from vacuum to 3,000 kPa (30 bars), and within a temperature range from -160 °C to +400 °C.

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Gasketed plate heat exchangers – GPHE

Gasketed plate heat exchangers are a solution for working conditions outside the scope of the brazed plate heat exchangers. Cleaning and maintenance of dismantable (screwed) heat exchangers is simple. They are available in various plates resistant to corrosion: titan, graphite and numerous other materials, especially suited for contact with aggressive media.

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AlfaNova is a new type of plate heat exchangers, which are made entirely from stainless steel, and fused together with breakthrough technology. They provide a high temperature persistence (up to +550 °C) and comply with high hygienic standards. They don't contain copper and are extremely resistant to corrosion.

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Spiral heat exchangers – SHE

Spiral heat exchangers are very efficient with sludge, fluids with hard particles and fibrous solutions. More about the product

Air Heat Exchangers – AHE

AlfaBlue series is a wide range of dry coolers, designed for cooling various process liquids under demanding conditions. These coolers are suitable for cooling in a closed circuit, when the quantity of cooling water is limited. More about the product

Cleaning process fluids in the metalworks industry

AlfaPure cleaning modules

These are advanced mobile modules for water treatment or the treatment of oil or water-based fluids. Each module is a complete system with a separator and related equipment. Read more

Alfie 500 Mobile Separation System

Alfie 500 is a complete mobile system with a separator, supply pump and monitoring system. Alfie 200 is designed for permanent fitting at reservoirs with water-based cooling agents Read more