About the company Dankon d.o.o.

Dankon Company was established in 2011 to provide Siemens distribution, education, training and technical support to existing clients within the Industrial Automation programme.

The company employs experts with extensive experience with Siemens equipment and solution and can provide excellent technical and sales support to all our clients.

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Basic company information

Name: Dankon, trgovsko in storitveno podjetje, d.o.o.
Abriged: Dankon, d.o.o.
Address: Cesta v Gorice 34 Ljubljana , 1000 Ljubljana , Slovenija
Tax No.: SI90262778
ID No.: 3934187
Transaction account: SI56 0224 4025 9235 356 (NLB d.d.)
Contact: T: 01 3200 861 F:

Company's Core Activities

  • Distribution of Siemens products for industrial automation in Slovenia
  • Education and training for users of Siemens products from the industrial automation programme
  • Providing help to Siemens system integrators at various projects and solutions
  • Technical support
  • Promotion of Siemens products and solutions
Good contact is not the goal, it is only the first step towards successful cooperation. It is important that we do this in what we believe. We believe in what we do. Our goal is satisfied customers, business partners and employees. Damijan Hvala
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