Siemens TIA PRO 2 Course

Siemens TIA Portal PRO 2 is an advanced level TIA Portal PRO 1 course. Upon completing the course, participants will be able to build control logic for more comprehensive and functionally more demanding processes and carry out more in-depth diagnostics.

Course participants learn how to use components of the Siemens TIA Portal development environment.  They learn a structured program development. In the first section, they get to know some examples of using organisational blocks, such as OB100, OB40, OB86. During their training, they use an IEC meter and IEC timer. They get to know the mechanism of sensing the positive and negative front of a signal or the result of a logical operation in detail.  

The participants learn procedures and operations between batteries. They get to know arithmetic and logic operations on batteries, learn how to use non-conditional and conditional jumps, jump list in STL and LAD, loop in STL and jump distributors in LAD and FBD.

In the section focused upon analogue value processing, the participants learn how to set the parameters of input and output analogue modules. They learn about the importance of a bit width of analogue modules and the speed of sampling an individual analogue channel. They test corresponding and non-corresponding settings and choice of analogue module on a practical example. They mathematically process analogue signals. In mathematical handling, they use in-built functions for processing analogue signals which are part of TIA Portal.  The participants do the mathematical processing of analogue signals in STL and SCL programming languages.

The participants learn to design digital and analogue alarms in WinCC V13. They learn how to use different alarm systems, utilising Alarm Window and Alarm View for their copies. They set up system diagnostics on the Simatic S7-1500 controller and use OB mechanism for diagnosing the Profinet distributed unit downtime. The participants also use a newer function for local error processing in a programme block itself. 

TIA PRO 2 course participants gain a basic knowledge on the use of the higher programming language SCL and graphic tool GRAPH intended for fast and efficient design of step-by-step controllers

Upon completing the TIA Portal PRO 2 course, all participants can attend additional special courses, namely TIA Portal SCL, TIA Portal GRAPH, TIA Portal WinCC SCADA, TIA Portal WinCCm, or they can strenghten their already extensive knowledge at the general advanced course TIA Portal PRO 3.